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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life Happens

I wish I knew where to begin with this post. The past few days have been obnoxiously overwhelming. Monkey had his first trip to the ER after a constant dry cough turned into wheezing which turned into struggling for breath. We are now the proud owners of a nebulizer and I've regressed sleep wise to when Monkey was about eight months old and I was still getting up once during the night to feed him. This has done nothing for my ability to be a productive employee and/or boss. I am thankful for the grace that was extended to me because of course none of this would happen on my days off.

I'm also beyond thankful for my partner in parenthood. From helping to get Monkey's prescription dropped off to taking a sick day to stay home to administer breathing treatments so I could go to work, you name it Husband did it. True love and I probably haven't done a very good job lately expressing my thanks since between PMS and sleep deprivation, I'm a biotch. Bi to the otch.

Ironically, I joined the #NoExcuses #Sweatpink challenge this year for fitness and it seems that's all I have these days. Excuses. By the time I put Monkey in his bed (and thank you Binky for all the sleep training encouragement because now he goes down like a boss), I'm stumbling around the house like a drunk because I'm too tired to walk straight. It's not uncommon for me to be in bed before the sun goes down because I know I will be up to greet it in the morning (all ugly thoughts for someone who loved life as a night owl).

What does one do when they realize that they are behind in getting ahead? (No really, this is not a rhetorical question, I really want to know what you do) I personally planning on just jumping back in the program on Sunday. If I tried to go back and make up all the challenges I already missed, I know for myself, that would be more discouraging than just admitting I fell off the wagon and jumping back on. I mean really, who makes the wagon back up just so they can see a repeat of the scenery? That's the perfect definition for the opposite of progress.

So here's your gratuitous picture of Monkey. And a gentle reminder that whatever I do, the choices I make, are not just having an effect on me. Thanks kid for the swift kick in the pants.

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