Parts of the Whole

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Like Chocolate Cake

I have no words for this week. No menu, no ohmigosh I burned air, no my house is a domestic disaster (this is a big duh). None of that, just this picture:

I had bought tickets for Husband's birthday back in November. We were the second ones in line for the tickets at the casino and almost missed the start of my second 5k. Completely worth it.
Then, before the show, Husband surprised me with my little Fluffy doll...and arm bands to get into the meet and greet afterward! I had a permagrin on my face the entire night. We loved the show. The two acts that opened up for him were his friends Martiiiiiiiiiiiin! Moreno and Rick Gutierrez. Gabriel did all new stuff and some of the old. He could've been reading the constitution and we would've laughed.
It was such a wonderful night. It has been a very long time since Husband and I spent any amount of time out on the town and I'm so glad we did. Especially since we followed it up with an outing to the Seafood and Wine Festival the next day. But that's another post.