Parts of the Whole

Monday, October 15, 2012

*Race Report* Born Free!

While I can barely move my legs because my hips feel soldered into place, my fingers move just fine and I am here to tell you I survived my first 5k. Go me.
I participated in the Free Flight Run on Saturday in Newport, which is about twenty minutes south of where I live (forty if there's traffic, sixty if there's weather too). It was put on by the Coast Hills Running Club, which I didn't even know existed but am glad they do. I trained for exactly two days, one of those runs being on the second time I'd ever run 3.1 miles. (Note: I do NOT recommend that someone train this way. There's no doubt in my mind that I would've completely collapsed after .237 miles had I not had some base for running built up previously. Had I not taken almost two and a half months off from running, I probably would've done much better)
The day had me up pretty much every hour from the time I went to bed about four o'clock (which is incidentally, fifteen minutes later from when Melodie insisted that she needed to go potty). Nerves definitely had the best of me, as did the fact that Husband fell asleep on the couch and refused to get up (it's true, I'm one of those people who doesn't sleep well without their significant other. Confession of the day). I finally feel asleep until six and was finally able to wake Husband, who was very confused until I reminded him that it was the day I intended to face my destiny (or some other such nonsense, I was totally incoherent until about seven). Managed to get dressed, pack up my bag (still managed to forget shoes to change into and my watch *forehead slap*), gather up a snack for post race and go. Breakfast was two frozen chocolate chip waffles, which I must not go purchase more of since they are gone (and I love them).
We left really early and even with two stops, we still managed to be the first ones there. The registration people were very nice and even though I registered day of (in my defense, I had the paperwork filled out, life just happened and I never managed to get it mailed in), I GOT A SHIRT! It's official: I'll do anything for free stuff.
I also received my first bib, which will be framed and placed in my office, as a reminder that a) yes I really did run 3.1 miles without stopping and b) it is possible to keep a resolution.
The race itself kind of scared me, as I guess they had changed the starting place and course layout and people were kind of confused but it was clearly marked and there were lovely volunteers (I believe the local high school cross country team-and I must say that they were some of the nicest teenagers I've met in a very long time) to make sure I didn't end up in the bay and offered up encouragement along the way. Taking the advice of some of my friends on Facebook, I remembered to go slow (pack mentality has been known to really throw off a runner's pace), keep my head up and enjoy the run. Doing all of those helped me appreciate the beautiful water front, the estuary and remind me that it's time to start wearing my contacts again (for the first mile, I was wiping them clear every twenty feet).
My official time, if I heard correctly was 39'02" (it was definitely thirty-nine but I temporarily blacked out after that). A personal best for me(!), as I had been running a 44 minute 5k. Now, I could say that I had so much fun, I didn't care what my time was (and I did have a blast!), but I'm really glad that I hit in the thirties, especially without any way, other than listening to my body, to know how I was doing.
There was the subsequent eating of bananas and guzzling water (there was also some indulgence of chocolate cookies) and I put on dry clothes, which included my very first race shirt. :)
Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Never have I considered myself a runner, but now, I can't wait to run my next race. There's a Turkey Trot in November and a 10k in March that have my name on them, so I'll have to start taking my training a little more seriously. Tomorrow.