Parts of the Whole

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My First Virtual 5k and the Very Real Pain It Caused

Since I ran my first 5k, I've been in full on obsession mode with running. I already have it planned to run a turkey trot in November and my first 10k in March. However, when Heather at Running With Sass mentioned she was hosting a virtual run as race ambassador for the Zooma Florida Kickoff Run, I was happy to commit. Even though it wasn't a regulated organized race, I still felt obligated to participate because I said I would (and because Heather is awesome. Her blog definitely gives me the motivation I need to keep running some days).
And that obligation (and motivation) is what had me out in the pouring rain, with wind gusts up to 15 mph, questioning my ethics. I made it half way, running into the wind and the sideways rain, when my legs just stopped. It's been since the beginning stages of the Couch to 5k program that I've walked during my run. I wasn't even sure I was putting one foot in front of the other, as I couldn't feel anything from the knees down. Even my bad leg, which normally doesn't bother me, started protesting. (Didn't know I had a bad leg, did ya? The result of a rather unfortunate honeymoon accident and my get out of jail free card for anything I don't want to do). No pictures during the run because, well imagine taking a shower outside while running. My Otterbox offers protection, but not that enough to keep my phone from drowning.
These are my newest acquisition. Am I the only one who immediately gets warm the second the compression pants go? I'm sweating before I get out the door.
Post run. What you can't see is the water dripping on the floor from everything I'm wearing. I kept having to wring out my sleeves as I ran.
As far as I'm concerned, after shoes, a washing machine is a must for every runner. Although, who knew getting wet compression pants to come off would be like trying to remove a layer of skin? I had to get Melodie in on the act, which then resulted in me kicking myself for not working on the "drop it" command. They did, however, finally make it into the washer.
For recovery, Husband and I headed to the aquarium in Newport for Creatures of the Night, their version of a haunted house, and then to Rogue Brewery for dinner and beer. By the time, we got home, I was so tired I could barely see straight. It was a good tired, though, because although I wanted to give up more than anything, I knew I'd be so disappointed in myself if I gave up. However, next virtual run, I find a treadmill.