Parts of the Whole

Friday, October 26, 2012

**Food Friday!!** Fried Chicken, Take 2!

Sometimes I just get the urge for one of those meals my Maternal Unit would make. Perfectly put together, an edible balance of stuff you didn't want to eat and stuff you couldn't get enough of so you ate it all. Usually those meals mean added sessions with a Jillian Michaels DVD, but they're so worth it. I found this recipe for Chicken Fried Chicken over at My Name is Snickerdoodle, probably via Pinterest, the mecca for everything yummy. I knew it would be worth the sweat and tears, so I decided to conquer my frying fears.
I've always scoffed at recipes that had you pound your chicken flat, mainly because I'm lazy. Had I not done that for this recipe, though, I think the chicken would have taken too long too cook and the breading would've gotten burnt. And yes, it really was a good way to let my aggressions out. All two of them.
Making the best use of a small space. I've recently reconfigured my kitchen counters to give me a little more room but learning to work with what you have is part of being undomestic.
Dressed and ready for a night out!
My what sizzling (EXTREMELY hot!) oil you have.
Brown and sure to make your blood pressure rise (just like me).
The beginnings of the gravy. Unfortunately, I ended up scorching the drippings a bit, so my gravy was not so great. Should've just made it in a fresh pan like I normally do. That's what I get for stepping out onto the ice.

I had half a breast left over the next day and after reheating it in my handy dandy toaster oven, I slapped it on two pieces of toast with mayo, provolone and romaine lettuce and it was by far my favorite leftover meal to date. Make sure to head over to My Name is Snickerdoodle and check out Amy's other amazing recipes!