Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Splash splash!

Husband was cleaning out a truck for one of his guys and asked if I wanted to help. I chose instead to wash the girls. Yeah those trucks are that bad.

Is this really necessary?

Momma I wants OUT!

Banished to the deck to dry.

Now I wants in.

Very unhappy puppy.

And because he feels that the girls are given way too much attention, here are some of Bubbles, our loveably loud cavy.

Nom nom nom.

Hanging out outside the cage.

My what big eyes you have...

So now the annual washing, brushing, flea preventing has been done. Mandie and Melodie both stayed in the tub (now if only Melodie had stayed off the couch grr) and enjoyed a treat in the sun. Mom is going to enjoy a treat in a glass.

PS Welcome to my new readers from the Crazy Cooking Challenge! You obviously have great taste.