Parts of the Whole

Saturday, July 7, 2012

**Crazy Cooking Challenge!!** Half Fried

So freaking excited to be participating in Mom's Crazy Cooking Challenge again. To me, this signifies that life has finally settled back into a routine. Well, as much of a routine as being on call 24-7 allows.

This month is fried chicken and what better place to find a recipe than Pinterest (seriously, what the heck did we do before Pinterest? Something about Fannie Farmer rings a bell)? Pinned onto my Chicken board was a recipe for Baked Fried Chicken from Our Uncommon Life. Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

I made a couple of adjustments. I didn't have any chicken tenderloins, so I cut up two behemoth large chicken breasts. The recipe also suggests a 9x13 pan and in the future, I think that's what I would use, instead of the 9x9 I used, so that the butter will spread out.

I wonder if I would look as good after a milk bath...

Tossed in the seasonings (I have no clue what Season All is, so I just used seasoning salt).

All nestled in a butter blanket.

Dinner! This was fast and super easy to make. Paired with corn bread and mozzarella alfredo mashed potatoes, this was the perfect welcome home meal for Husband, who was traveling home from California. And while there's no chicken leftover (finally learning how to cook for two), there are mashed potatoes and corn bread left over, which will be happily packed away into my lunch box and lorded over my coworkers. I really am a great boss.

PS Make sure to click on #19. That's me!