Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The saying goes, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." I can go with that, except I'm going to strain it because I hate pulp, add a few ice cubes, use Splenda and then add ice tea flavored vodka. Wait what was I making again?

Recently, I was promoted to a new position at The Hotel. I'm thrilled really. Completely overwhelmed and SOOOOOO glad the Biggest Loser Challenge is over (one less thing to worry about), but thrilled. It means adapting to a new schedule (Binky if you call me a vampire one more time, I swear I will stop loving Little Love 1 and Little Love 2!) and new challenges. It has also meant a renewed love of learning.

Anyone who's ever had more than a five minute long actual conversation with me knows that I am a treasure trove of trivia. I am this way because I love to read and I have taken on "Knowledge is power" as my personal mantra since my days of Bible Buzzing in Sunday school (anyone else remember doing that?). I love the rush when I have the answer to a question. It's right up there with the rush of being right (I get light headed a lot).

My point is I really do enjoy learning. I enjoy it more when it's on my terms, hence my not so always stellar grades in school, but nevertheless, I won't turn down wisdom, no matter where it comes from. Now imparting my own wisdom, that's where things get tricky.

So here I sit in a hotel room. I'm on day two of a three day of meeting with other people who are already functioning in the capacity that I will be. Since this has been purely for my edificiation and the people that I've met with have been so attentive to me, it hasn't been a time where I could coast. I've had to ask the questions I want answers to and try to think of the questions that I might not even know that I need to know the answers to (which is tricky, it's kind of like meeting my future self and causing a huge rift in the galaxy). When resources have been pretty much laid at your feet, smiling and giving support, you'd be pretty messed up not to take advantage of them. Hi, I'm the Undomestic Goddess and I'm a user (but in a good way).

I will say, I haven't enjoyed being away from Husband. Before I left, we'd spent a record three nights in the same bed. Not only were we not quite sure what to do (some things really are like riding a bicycle) but the girls are super confused as to why both of their humans are taking up their space. Melodie keeps wedging herself between us as if to reassure herself, that yes, we are both really there. Mandie makes sure with a quick cold wet nose to some inconvenient part of the body. In the future, all furry children will sleep on the floor, two or four-legged.

How do you feel about learning? Always ready to tackle a new challenge?