Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'd Eat my Dog if She Were Covered in Chocolate

I'm currently avoiding one of my favorite shows "Sons of Guns" because they've decided to have Jesse James on the show and I avoid him all together. He exudes doucheiness and generally makes my skin crawl. Husband does not share these sentiments. I blame testosterone. And tobacco induced brain damage. So, I've holed up in the office with Pinterest and peanut butter slathered on saltines. Well now just Pinterest, since pinning when you're trying to lose weight is a horrible idea and I've already scarfed down my allotted snack. Damn.

I thought today I'd share with you some of things that I can't wait to make once this Biggest Loser Challenge is over. While I feel more confident in my ability to make healthier choices as well as have better portion control, I dream about my first real indulgence. Here are a few options:

I don't necessarily want to make these (we call them Buckeyes) but Oldest Brother's Wife makes these and they are my all time #1 request.

See that little goo of marshmallow coming out of that S'More Cookie Bar? Yeah, totally just tried to catch it with my tongue.


Why yes, I do want to clog my newly regenerated arteries with Fried Mac N Cheese Balls, thank you for asking. And lastly...

And now I must stop before I decide to chew my arm off. Don't want to ruin my new computer (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!) by drooling on it.

So what have you been craving lately?