Parts of the Whole

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Day of My Birth!

It is my birthday. Twenty-seven years ago, Maternal and Paternal Unit welcomed their third and final child into this world. I can proudly say they've never regretted a second of it (perhaps, minutes or hours, but never just a single second).
So when Husband asked what I would like for my birthday, and I recovered from the shock of him asking me let alone remembering, I compiled this list:

Ever since I saw my first Lamborghini calendar at the age of ten, it's been my absolute dream to own one. While I always pictured a canary yellow car, I have to say that when I saw this one, with UDG perfect interior, I was in love.

This water bottle pretty much sums up the reason I work out. Yes, I really am that shallow.

This little guy reminds me of the scene in the cartoon version of Alice and Wonderland where Alice and the Queen are playing croquet with hedgehogs. Plus, I already have another animal shaped cheese grater (oh yes I do), so this would add to my collection nicely.

I figure this is more usable than the personal submersible from this post. But if the million dollar price tag is too much...

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

...a stealth fighter shaped purse is an adequate substitute. I'm sure the above paint scheme can be applied to one of them.

Melodie has promised a day free of whining, Mandie offered to lay around in the recliner and Bubbles is going to only wheek when he's hungry. Or someone walks past his cage. Or when he wants to be held. They're so thoughtful.

Oh and just throwing this out there, but Likes on our Facebook page are always rejoiced over accepted.

So what have you thought about asking for for your birthday??