Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'll Gladly Pay You Tomorrow for a Hamburger Today

It's almost eleven at night and while my little family is all snuggled up, visions of Harleys and Milk Bones dancing in their heads, I'm trying to get in at least ten minutes of exercise. Why didn't I get it in earlier in the day you ask? That is a very good question. Let's examine my day, shall we?

I try to sleep in on Mondays, since Tuesday at midnight starts my work week. Then there was a mandatory meeting at The Hotel, followed by grocery shopping for and making my recipe for the upcoming Crazy Cooking Challenge (PS I think I have this one nailed). Then there was the pulling out of hair and gnashing of teeth as I tried to decide what to make for dinner because apparently meal planning has taken a back seat to...everything. Once I finally decided what to make for dinner, I remembered there was laundry to fold and well, you can see where this is going.

Basically, I have an excuse for everything; which, ironically enough, is part of this season's theme for The Biggest Loser-No Excuses. As you can see, I am the queen of excuses. And procrastination. It's my only flaw (yes you read that correctly, I only have one. Don't think you can count my annoying habit of always being right). Husband has been asking me for over a week when I'm going to make my eye appointment, when I'm going to make Melodie's yearly checkup (it's almost three months late. Yikes!). When did I become this person? Let's face it, I can't blame it on working two jobs anymore or having a crazy schedule. I know what my schedule is going to be week in and week out. This is just plain Jane childish behavior. Might as well stomp my foot and cross my arms and shout, "You can't make me!".

So as we finish up the first quarter of the year, I've decided to make a new resolution (my previous one, in case you hadn't heard, is to run a 5k by the end of the year. I see a pattern of self-hatred). Resolution #2: No more excuses. No more putting things off for no apparent reason or even if the reason is apparent. No more being a slug. If I can drink 8 glasses of water a day, I can do anything!

What seems to be your hang up? Not cleaning up after you cut your toe nails? Or how 'bout always being late?