Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can't. Look. Away.

Running won't ruin your knees but it will totally mess up your sense of fashion.

Take it all in. From the fleece pom pom on the hat to the layers of reflectivity, that's 5'3" of pure sexy right there. (Thanks to Husband for making my visibility possible in the foggy rain)

I thought running in the rain would make me feel hardcore. Instead, I felt like a cold soggy shrimp (and kind of looked like one by the time my feet hit my doorstep). On the plus side, I ran with the knowledge that there was no way attentive drivers would hit me, so if I was to be run over, I had a chance at some serious moolah.

However, I did feel that if I can venture out in cold rainy Oregon Coast winters, I might just have a shot of becoming a real runner. As long as I can follow it up with a shot of Patron.