Parts of the Whole

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Story

Now most of you know that I am one of THOSE people and not ashamed of it. I call my dogs, Mandie and Melodie, my fur kids. Husband and I don't have children yet (we're on the four year plan and are barely to year three) but we do worry about poop, clean up vomit and stuff vitamins down throats. Mandie was our first, Husband's little darling, and probably gets the most face time here. However, Melodie aka Scruffy, holds a very special place in my heart.

She was our first foster and after going thru one adoption weekend, heartbroken no one had chosen her, I couldn't let her go. It's also no secret, that she is my first and last puppy. The potty training, the stepping on machete sharp puppy teeth, the kennel cough, all proof that God made puppies cute so you wouldn't boot them out the door. (*side note: for whatever reason, it never computed that puppy teeth fall out, so the first time I stepped on one, I was a complete mess. Husband looked at me like I had just told him I grew a penis and calmly said, "That's what puppies do. That's how they get adult teeth." My frantic desire to cure my ailing puppy then turned to irritation as that friggin' tooth had nearly inserted itself entirely into the ball of my foot)

I call this a Christmas story because we officially made Melodie ours right before Christmas and she was my present. Now, nearly two years later I don't what I'd do without the daily search for my slipper socks or 6:30 am wake up whines (for which I shouldn't complain since that means my freshman attempts at housebreaking were a success). I had never been into the bearded terrier types but now I have a full on love affair with all scruffykins, although, you'll be hard-pressed to find a scruffier one than mine. Some of my favorite moments of the day are doling out belly rubs and scritches, just so I can see Melodie make sleepy eyes. Yeah it's corny and pretty much un-UDG like, but it gives me a little of that peace I feel on Christmas year round.

So from our home, full of food smells and dog hair, to yours, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

I sit. Now treat?