Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oregon Trail

As we settle into life in Oregon, I can't help but wonder how the eff we got here. I mean really, two kids who met in high school in Michigan, dated, broke up, ended up three thousand miles apart only to then get married in California after 5 years have moved to Oregon.

It has finally struck me that we're not in Kansas anymore. There are no more lunch dates with Binky or Sunday bbqs with the Sunday Brunch Bunch. What the heck did we do?! Is this really adulthood?? Going where the money is, leaving behind the family you've knit together for yourself, getting excited when you find change in the seat cushions? Sometimes I want to go back to the days of sleepovers and Candy Land, when the most adventure you had was dragging your parents thru the Berenstein Bears house at Cedar Point (if you're unfamiliar with this late 80s-early 90s child paradise, google it. I'll wait...Pretty friggin' awesome, right?). Now adventure includes dramatic life changes that could alter the course of your future. And buying appliances.

Still, it all seems a little surreal. Doesn't seem possible that in ten minutes I can walk to the beach or have clam chowder in every restaurant I step into. Sure it's a little cold now and it drizzles, constantly, but I think it's safe to say that our new little town, with its weird-ass quirky people and sidewalks (seriously city planners of Redding, what do you have against sidewalks?!), feels very much like home, as well as humid, but mostly like home.

Mandie likes our new home too.
So tell me, any big adventures in your life recently? Or am I the only risking life and limb here?