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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Power to the People!

Recently I became aware that Better Homes and Gardens Editor-in-Chief, Gayle Butler, included the Humane Society of the United States in the October 2011 issue of the magazine (see article here). This gave me cause to frown.

Please don't misunderstand where I'm coming from. I support my LOCAL humane society; I don't support the HSUS. HSUS, like PETA, is an over vigilant organization that preys on the people's emotions to get funding for their "kindness." Their high rate of euthanasia makes me ill, as my own Mandie was to be put down until the rescue group we adopted her from pulled her out of a crowded shelter.

I wrote to Ms. Butler to let her know, that while I've been a BHG fan since I was a little girl in my momma's shoes, I was disappointed that an organization with such questionable practices was included in their Carving for a Cause list. This is the response I received (my emphasis in bold italics):

Dear Person of Enormous Importance (well, that's how this email should've been address),
Thank you so much for contacting me regarding our charity pumpkin stencil program.  Your opinion is important to me, and I sincerely appreciate hearing your views and receiving the information that you’ve provided. (I know, that's why I wrote)
The goal of our Carving for a Cause program is to give readers a chance to support the various causes that they are passionate about, and we selected these charities with that goal in mind. (I'm not enthusiastic about puppy murder. NOT. AT. ALL.)
With respect to the Humane Society of the United States, our contribution of $5,000 is a one-time restricted donation to the Animal Rescue Team’s efforts to aid animals after natural disasters. (And there was no one better qualified to receive this donation? Really? Really?) We know that our readers truly love their pets and domestic animals. (You bet your cold wet nose we do!!)  In retrospect, I should have made that focus clearer in my editor's letter.  As an editor I strive for clarity, but fell short in this instance. (Ya think?)
Thank you again for reaching out. I so appreciate that your
(you run a nationally syndicated magazine and you don't proofread your own work?!) wrote to share your view and this information. I truly value your readership and your concerns.

Now I do appreciate the response, however, I think there are organizations that are more animal focused out there. When looking at your own local humane society or rescue group, please do your due diligence. Sites like are designed to help you wade thru the sometimes murky waters that can be non profit organizations. Also, is an excellent resource that helps local rescues find forever homes for their charges.

If you would like to contact the BHG Editor-In-Chief on this issue, please email Now, I have to go cork Melodie's butt before she lets out another rip-roaring skunk fart. Ohmanthatonetotallywentinmymouth!

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