Parts of the Whole

Monday, October 3, 2011

*Meatless Monday* A Ladle A Day

I broke my new grill today. Five hours and I still have to light the #%$%^ thing manually. My older brother, the Middle Child, suggested that perhaps I should have read the instructions. I suggested he come over and be the first person to light the grill.

It was cold and rainy and since my apartment sometimes smells like cat pee as a result (seriously people, cats do it inside!), I decided it was a soup day. A Parmesan corn chowder day. Quite possibly it could've become a Parmesan corn chowder and homemade bread day but my new oven is SUPER charged, so it might be a while before anything from the oven makes its way into a post.

Chowder is like the Oregon state food.

Finished product! And all I have leftover is one bolt and one nut...

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