Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh the humanity! The shame! The...oh forget it.

As someone who's favorite activity is cooking (outside of sleeping, eating, snuggles with the girls and plotting to take over the world), I had a hard time coming to the decision of shopping in the frozen food aisle yesterday. *gasp* *shock and alarm*

I know. Preservatives, sodium, fat content all come to mind. However, we vacate California in 12 days and I've already packed the kitchen, except for 1 pot, 1 pan and a cookie sheet. So last night, we had Safeway brand cheese lasagna and Safeway brand garlic bread and who cares if it cost more than it would had I made it myself? It was fast and edible. Do I cringe knowing that I make a super lasagna in the crock pot? Actually...yes, I cringe a lot. Do I die a little inside knowing that I can make garlic bread from scratch? Well, I wouldn't go so far as that, but there are parts of me on life support.

I absolutely cannot wait to be moved and settled. I've already started planning the menu for our first week in the new place. So far, it's looking like chicken pot pie, meat loaf and maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, a dessert of some kind. I'm thinking fudge brownies with chocolate chips. And peanut butter icing. And a glass of milk. And a nap.

Iz a good napper.