Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Islands in the Stream, That is Where I Am

Let's face it: it's winter. Even here on the Oregon Coast where our weather is relatively mundane (although, any local will tell you, don't like the weather, give it fifteen minutes), we are still experiencing winter-like conditions. On New Year's Day, I welcomed in the new year with a run. Even with what felt like enough layers to keep a polar bear warm, I almost froze my Puerto Rican coconuts off. When I came back inside, my cheeks and lips were so cold, that as they thawed, I could not talk. I could not talk because I could not move any muscles on my face.

The only thing that kept me going through that very cold run was the image I had of warm Mediterranean beaches. Crystal blue water, white stone buildings, big bright sun. Lately I've been obsessed with the thought of vacationing in Greece or some other warm beachy place in that region. Someplace that I can stuff my face with amazing local cuisine and then lay like a bloated beached whale, sizzling in the sun while my son covers me in sand and my husband pokes me in the bum because he likes to see it jiggle. In my dreams, though, the sand never sticks to your feet and the second you step off the beach, it magically disappears never to be tracked into your car, house, or butt crack.

I plan another trip to those near perfection beaches very soon because the girls need walked and Husband is thoroughly ensconced in NCIS:New Orleans. He will soon be replaced with a tanned golden cabana boy holding a fruity drink with a cute little umbrella.


Reality. I'm pretty sure this accurately sums it up. Source
I would love to hear where your dream vacation destination is. Extra points if includes cabana boys.