Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

**Crazy Cooking Challenge!!** Overstuffed

Hi my name is the Undomestic Goddess and I am a Crazy Cooking Challenge flunky. I totally spaced that I've missed the past two (possible three) challenges and when I realized I was about to miss another, it was two days beforehand. A Pinterest rampage ensued, trying to find a recipe I could make with ingrediants on hand. I found this little gem at Stephanie Cooks (and have her site bookmarked so I can go back and alleviate some of my guilt of just using her recipe).
There's actually quite a few items missing from this ingrediant round up, including the headliner. In my defense, it was in the oven, toasting up (remember I did this recipe in like a day, so I didn't have time to let my bread fully dry out).
Like any good fake and baker, drying out and toasting away.
You'd think this was a Paula Deen recipe with the amount of butter it called for.
Even in the prep work, this really was a pretty dish.
Ta da! Not bad for last minute. And oh so very very tasty. I had a few omissions (celery and sage) and definitely could've used more liquid, but this was comfort food at its best. Although, probably won't beat out Maternal Unit's stuffing for the holidays.
So, next time I promise to be more prepared. Okay, well maybe not promise, but I'll really really try. Hard. Well at least harder than this time. (PS I'm #15. Be sure to click on my picture!)