Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And Now for Something Completely Random

I've been thinking back a lot on the year this past week. There were ups and downs, promotions and stress, weight loss and weight gain. However, the majority of the year was good and I couldn't be more proud of Husband and myself for all the hard work we've done, both together and separately. It makes my little heart sing to watch Husband grow in his new position at his job, as well as my partner in crime. We may not be perfect parents some day, but we'll be imperfect together. 

I'm also proud of what I've accomplished just within the last month. Watching my little blog double in Facebook likes and becoming a FitFluential Sweat Pink Ambassador have me doing a little dance. I ran my first 5k and started training for my first 10k (and haven't wanted to throw up...yet).

What I haven't accomplished in the last month: anything remotely domestic (shocking I know). There has been no meal planning, which means that we've pretty much been eating either whatever gets delivered to the door or whatever can be cooked in two minutes. As a result, my jeans are starting to fit again and my energy level is zero. The carpet manages to get vacuumed, so I'm not a total failure, or at least that's what I keep telling myself. 

Since I don't wanted "undomestic" to become a synonym with "sloth"  I actually sat down and wrote out a menu for the week. I did a double digit amount of laundry and changed our sheets. Then I took a nap.

Okay, not gonna lie sloths are way cute.

So, if you see me wandering about aimlessly in the virtual world, be sure to give me a swift kick in the real behind and remind me dishwashers don't unload themselves (if only *sigh*).