Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5,000 Words

Sometimes when I don't know what to say about what's going on here at Casa de UDG, I feel it's best to let the pictures do the talking.

Melodie makes it ridiculously hard to go to work in the morning. With her soft come-hither-sleepy eyes, willingness to snuggle in any situation and her happiness to share her toys, she's a total triple threat. Nothing relieves more stress that doling out belly rubs to this one, especially when the reward is unlimited kisses.

Oh man oh man oh man. The Safeway gods finally listened. Growing up, I lived for weekends when Paternal Unit would make Puerto Rican food. My conversational Spanish might land us in international hot waters but I can name (and eat) all kinds of dishes from PR. Every birthday for as long as I can remember, I would request arroz con gandules and no matter where we were living, whether in West Virginia, where the nearest Spanish market is two states over, or Michigan, where I could get Grandma Paternal Unit to make it for me, it was always served. That's love.

Recently, I made the mistake of watching an episode of Animal Cops: Philadelphia. Huge mistake, colossal. People who abuse animals make me want to empty my stomach contents on them, see how they like it. When I catch my Mandie girl having a happy moment, rolling all over the floor and making happy growly sounds, it completely and utterly warms my heart and makes me so thankful for the rescue that pulled Mandie out of a kill shelter and put her in Husband's heart (oh OK, mine too).

I heart my coworkers. I heart them even more when they bring me free, like brand new AeroGardens so that I can grow lettuce and basil and thyme and strawberries and lettuce (Bubbles is way excited about the lettuce. So excited he just tossed his water bottle on the ground. For the 16547254785th time). Will keep you updated on the status of my nearly green thumb.

Last but not least, what would a post about my goings on be without my main squeeze (for the record, I have no other squeezes). Husband was recently promoted to a new position and while that means longer hours, phone calls in the middle of dinner (he has two phones on him at all times), paperwork everywhere and frequent trips out of town, I couldn't be more proud of him and the way he's always willing to give every new task 100%. I also love that he still takes his turn taking the girls outside to do their business and makes breakfast on Sundays. And does his own laundry. And leaves his underwear on the bathroom floor (wait, no, I was temporarily delirious from love).

It's been such a busy month and I can't believe it's almost over. So thankful for any and all time my little family has been able to spend together. Always grateful for a moment captured in time.

What are your favorite times caught on camera lately??