Parts of the Whole

Friday, June 29, 2012


There are no words for my lack of writing except Wednesday was the first night in a month and a half that I slept thru the night and Tuesday was the first morning that I went for a run in a month and a half. One was cause for celebration, the other, for taking half a bottle of Aleve. More celebration on Thursday when I did my first 5k 31:38! Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are. Especially when reviewing the run (I use the Nike+ app and highly recommend far) and discovering that I did one of my miles in 9:25. *insert jaw drop here*

Now let's review. I started out in February with the Couch to 5k program and actually managed to finish it the same week that I delved into the craziness that is my new position. Between hirings and trainings and meetings and more hirings, the only exercise I've gotten regularly is taking the stairs daily because I've forgotten, for the umpteenth time, to give something to my boss. That's right, my ineptitude has helped my fitness.

Also take into consideration that I've added pizza back into my diet (so much so that the pizza place knows who I am just by our order) and the only lettuce I've been buying is for Bubbles the guinea pig, you would think my running ability would be significantly impaired; and for my first run, you'd be absolutely right. Not only did that Tuesday run leave me practically crippled, oxygen deprived and just generally sore, I was also very very slow. I think I was lapped by a grandma in a rocking chair.

So to go from that to two days later busting out a personal best was a shock. I may or may not have done a double take. Let's face it-this

is not exactly synonymous with speed. Or fashionista. Or anything that requires color coordination.

On the other hand, if purple leopard print leggings don't say "dedicated runner," then I don't know what would. (I double dog dare someone to find an article of clothing with the words "dedicated" and "runner" printed on them. There will be a reward).

Oh and I'm down three pounds from my last Biggest Loser Challenge weigh in. 130s here I come!