Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

**Domestic Day** Not-So Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal

I am not a Martha Stewart wannabe. I am not crafty or creative or a DIY-er. I do, however, have an excellent ability to read directions and the need to relieve some stress. I don't normally take the time to make the time for myself as dishes do not wash themselves, er, well dishwashers don't load themselves and the girls can't feed themselves (although we are working on fetching mommy's phone, since every time I sit down, snuggle under a blanket and start to fall asleep, the %^#*@ rings). In order to make sure that I do get some time to work my little grey cells (10 points to the first person who can name the literary character I just referenced!!), I've decided to institute a Domestic Day. Once a month, I will sit down and attempt to not super glue my fingers together again produce a project. Don't hold your breath that it will turn out.

For my first project, I turned to Pinterest, and let's be honest, with it's plethora of ideas, where else am I going to go? I chose this particular project because it seemed like a neat way to start a new year in our new home. So I set out to recreate the Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal from, with the idea being that I would have somewhere to record our day to day happenings that we could look back on in years to come. Here is what went down:

So this project called for a fruit box and twelve postcards found at a flea market. I have no fruit box and I don't know where the nearest hospital is, let alone any flea markets, so I improvised. I found a cute little box at the Dollar Tree (my undomestic mecca) and postcards from our local Christmas shop featuring different parts of Oregon. I also completely lucked out by finding a random date stamp at our local Bi-Mart, which is infamous for having everything but the one item I need.

This was my work surface, our coffee table in the living room. I project-ed while Husband watched TV and wondered what the heck I was doing. (And yes, the wine is vital to this project. In all actuality, I feel wine is vital to all creative processes).

The ability to stamp clearly increased exponentially with the amount of wine consumed. (Early efforts will probably have to be redone when I've regained any semblance of patience to sit still for that long again)

Ta da! It doesn't look so bad now does it? I'm rather pleased with myself and can't wait to start using it (I may have tried to start using it yesterday, when I thought it was January 1st. I'm a bit sleep deprived). Husband was even slightly impressed, although, we're both doubtful that we have anything interesting happening in our lives yearly, yet alone daily.

So what did you create this year? A scrapbook? A scarf? A hole in your budget from trying to buy too many craft supplies?