Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sigh Me a River

Hi, my name is The Undomestic Goddess and I am a sigher. I am not a happy sigher, no sighs of contentment here. I sigh when I'm in deep thought, when I've given up and when I'm trying to get a hold of myself after a cry. My Mandie girl also sighs, usually after Husband or I have done something to piss her off and she's trying to content herself with her lot in life. The family that sighs together may end up in therapy.

My condition really came to light when I was taking a shower recently and had to bolster me up some courage and in doing so, I let out one of those "gonna have to do it sometime" sighs. Husband was walking past at the time (yep, I totally shower with the door open; it's what makes adulthood grand) and heard me.

Recently, Husband and I discovered that we've been in each others lives nearly a decade. Ten years of talking, fighting, making up, misbehaving and hanging out has pretty much solidified our bond (I highly doubt I'm going to find another man who will join me in my quest to end dogs in hand bags unless they're acting as wallets). My mister knows pretty much what every eye roll, glare, and hands on hips means, as well as being well versed in sigh language. He was concerned that I was sighing in the shower and asked if I was alright.

The answer is always yes. If the question is, everything okay?, the answer is still yes. Very rarely does Husband need to probe any further, mainly because he knows doing so is futile. I am not a feelings sharer. Feelings stay in the deep recesses of the right foot, unless the sharing of them betters the cosmos. Now, when Husband comes home with a new iPhone and doesn't tell me and I feel my right eye begin to bulge, we will have a lengthy discussion about how I'm feeling. LENGTHY. Because you see, it's not that I'm unable to express my feelings well, it's that I don't feel the need to. I only feel the need to when my heart starts to sit a little lower in my chest and I can't stop staring at my shoe laces (Husband has also mentioned he worries when things get quiet or if I drop swear words, things that also used to worry my Maternal Unit).

For me, sighing takes the place of the drawn out process of telling you how I feel. It's cleansing and soothing and says, "I'm feeling a little insecure right now, but I'm working on sorting it out. Please bring me chocolate."

Tell me, what makes you sigh?? Stress, elation, the fact that the Tigers arethisclose to winning a World Series??

Nothing like a good belly rub to get Mandie to sigh