Parts of the Whole

Monday, October 17, 2011

**Meatless Monday** A Little Inauthenic Mexican

After waaayyyyyyy too many hours untangling the yarn that Melodie took her aggressions out on, I decided I didn't want to do anything too complicated for dinner. We have a 5 lb block of cheese, courtesy of Costco, and since I've been avoiding the George Foreman (although we have yet to get a propane tank for Big Beautiful), I decided quesadillas were the way to go. I made some rice to go with it, sauteed some mushrooms to go with the cheese and Voila! meal in 30 minutes. Eat your heart our Rachel Ray.

I don't like when the cheese ends up on the outside of the quesadilla, so I folded them all nice and neat.
What did you make for dinner to start your week off? Nice and easy or 3 course meal??