Parts of the Whole

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

News flash

After a nine and half hour trip with a car sick puppy, we arrived in Lincoln City. After a nine and a half hour trip, *I* unloaded the truck. Me. Myself. How the eff did that happen?

Today was the first day I unpacked a box. Actually, I unpacked several boxes. All of them for the kitchen. Which is smaller than my last one. Per-fect.

Still haven't grocery shopped but I do have a list. I also have a very unsettling amount of nervous nausea. I've performed on stage, read in public and dealt with screamers. Nothing. Put me in a situation where I don't know the outcome and I make what Linda Blair did look like baby spit up.

So now I think I'll go to bed. After I process the fact that Husband just peed with the door open.