Parts of the Whole

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meatless Monday

It's Pasta Week! Yummy carbohydratey goodness guaranteed to go straight to my thighs. I'm (not so) strangely okay with it.

Today's recipe was chosen because I somehow, magically, managed to have all the ingredients in my kitchen. This NEVER happens. I'm always missing at least one and forever wonder a) if I will ever have a fully stocked pantry and b) what that recipe would've tasted like had I made it as it was intended. Oh well, if everything turned out as intended, I'd be an intergalactic pop princess.

So I used my old stand by to find this recipe. When I make a recipe for the first time, I try and stay as true to the original intent as possible (mainly cuz I'm a big fat sissy). For whatever reason (I blame my mother's penchant for guilt), I feel like I'm desecrating something sacred if I tweak a recipe in anyway (we're not even Catholic!). And if it's a family recipe, forget it. I can't even enjoy eating it if I've made any changes (Husband doesn't share any of this remorse and wolfs down whatever is put in front of him).

That being said, this recipe warrants some polishing in my mind. Next time, I think I will use way less Italian Seasoning and way more mushrooms. It kind of tasted like an over-seasoned crouton. Also I'm going to substitute heavy cream for the sour cream. There was too much tang between the sour cream and the white wine. We'll see how the leftovers taste for lunch tomorrow. (Did I mention that the chicken stock is a stock that I make myself, from SCRATCH? No, well I'm mentioning it now. You may kiss my apron)

I promise this wasn't as bland as it looks.
EDIT: Forgot to add that no meal making is complete without my favorite (ever present) cooking companion.