Parts of the Whole

Friday, May 13, 2011

Food Friday

Who knew the never ending week from the third level of hell would actually end? In celebration, here is a recap of Salad Week, in before and after form.

Before the addition of dressing-so-good-it-would-make-charcoal-taste-good
After the addition of dressing-so-good-it-would-make-charcoal-taste-good
Tuesday: Chicken Salad

Before (and I'm like 98.3462346% sure this is NOT the tuna salad)
After (ok wow yeah my surety just dropped way intp the the single's the freakin' mayo!)
Wednesday: Cucumber Salad

Before...well before the addition of cheese
After (see the layers of texture and edibilicity?? That's what feta does to your food people)
Thurdays: (Lackluster) Tuna Salad

Before (now you see my dilemma!)
After (at least I made it look pretty)
What's in store for Friday? I'm glad you asked. I am going to go join the Binky's for dinner at the Lobstah (I'm not making this up, that's exactly how she spelled it in her text). Maybe I'll get a salad. Or maybe I'll be realistic and get something dripping in butter and covered in cream sauce. Yeah, let's be realistic for a change.