Parts of the Whole

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Somewhere out there...

As we end the 5th day of forced singlehood (aka Husband's working in Oregon), it's bittersweet. I've adjusted my routine to keep myself as busy as possible, so I don't think about listening for his work van to pull in or what I'm going to make us for dinner. Mandie, on the other hand, has seemed to finally realize that her heart person isn't here. Currently she is curled up in a ball on my lap, which is better than the sad whining sounds she was making just a few minutes ago.

I've told the story over and over again how Husband and Mandie fell in love, her sleeping curled up in a crate at Petsmart, Husband poking at her to wake her up, me saying, "But babe, she's so...awkward." (A more than adequate description for a lab head on a dachshund body ). He didn't care, though, he had to have her, and while I pushed our cart around, picking out things for our new addition, he found a quiet spot to sit down and snuggle with her. She's only had eyes for him ever since (which of course is bull crap, since I'm the one who feeds her, walks her, puts her sweater on her, takes her to the vet, etc.).

Mandie is tucked under the covers now. She's safe, warm and cozy. Everything about my bed is warm and inviting. So, who's going to tuck me in?