Parts of the Whole

Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Friday

**I need to preface this edition of Food Friday by saying that most of this food was consumed post-workinducedseparation. Since Husband has been away, I haven't cooked myself a single meal that involved more than one pot.

This was the very first meal I ever made without a plan. I knew what I had on hand and every recipe I could find called for things I didn't have, so I said "Screw you recipe fascists!" and came up with my own delicious meal for Meatless Monday. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! If anyone would like the recipe, please let me know.

Spinach tortellini yumminess w/ homemade cheddar biscuits (tip: when cooking w/ cheddar use sharp or extra sharp, otherwise you lose that amazing flavor).

First time I used my broiler! (Lessons learned: use more cheese and do not attempt to watch reruns of Two and a Half Men at the same). 


Since Husband has been gone, I have eaten two salads a day exactly like this, w/ nothing but romaine lettuce, feta cheese (from hormone free cows of course) and GODDESS DRESSING!! I sit at my desk and count down the hours, minutes, seconds until I can have my next tasty bite of Goddess dressing. There hasn't been this much excitement in my mouth since this.

Since I'm limited in my meat selection, I was super excited to pick this up and try it and wasn't too disappointed except that I think next time I won't make it in my toaster oven. Just didn't get hot hot in the middle like I would have liked (which is a bummer because I LOVE my toaster oven).

But even in the midst of all this delicious food, tragedy has struck. I'VE RUN OUT OF GODDESS DRESSING!!! I just slathered on the last tasty drops on today's lunch salad. Now I'm slowly beginning to understand why the girl I saw in Trader Joe's had (I kid you not) eight bottles of the stuff in her cart. Lesson learned.