Parts of the Whole

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trapped like a rat

For those of you who don't have a Weather Channel addiction (*pointsfingeratmom*), Redding is experiencing some turbulent late Winter/early Spring storms, complete with hail, rain, thunder, lightning and sunshine, all at the same time. Today, after manuevering around the accident two feet from my office and then sitting behind people who had stopped on 44 because of the hail instead of pulling off the road, I made it the less than 1 mile home only to be trapped in my car by this:

Hail.  And this picture isn't even this week's hail. Oh no we've had hail numerous days in the past week. Makes for very short outside doggy potty times.

So there I sat in the car, extremely grateful that I chose to wear my Doc Martens and not the super cute girly green espadrills. Husband called to check in with me and I told him I was trapped like a rat in the car. His reply? "Are you having a blonde moment?"

You see Redding has several different climates within it's own city limits. While here it might be hailing like the end of days, drive five minutes in any direction, it will probably be doing something else. For Husband it was just raining and his wife was an idiot.  This is why communication is so important.

It finally did let up enough to where I could make it and here I sit debating what we're going to do about dinner. Guilty feelings about ordering a pizza and having it delivered but not willing to risk life and limb to go pick it up (why did we buy a Mustang again?? oh yeah, it's purrrrrrrrrrrrrteeeeeeeeeeeeee). Toast and cream cheese it is.