Parts of the Whole

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Trader Joe's

At lunch today, I discovered that we have nothing to eat (unless you can somehow count tortilla chips, milk, and stale corn flakes). So after work I skipped on over to Trader Joe's.

Now two years ago, you probably wouldn't have been able to pay me to go to Trader Joe's. There's just something about the atmosphere there. Probably doesn't help that there's NEVER a beater car in the parking lot. Reminds me of an organic Safeway. Once I actually did go in, driven my need to ingest meat other than chicken or pork, I discovered that, yes the store is indeed frequented by those who think way too highly of themselves.  All of this can be overlooked, though, because they have hormone free everything! Even the milk! For someone with a hormone sensitivity, this is edible heaven.

Mindful that I didn't have a ton of time to browse (my #3 favorite pastime of all time), I grabbed what I needed PLUS a couple extras and spent less than I did on a quarter tank of gas. Saweet.

Momma's little helper (as long as she stays out of the kitchen).

Beer brats!


So, I'm spreading the word: I'm a Trader Joe's convert and I'm too full to be ashamed.