Parts of the Whole

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Down for the count...

I have NO desire whatsoever to be productive today. Currently, Melodie is asleep at my feet, Mandie has her little body pressed up as close as she can get to me without being in my skin and the fan is facilitating the cool breeze that is blowing through the apartment.

However, I have no magic wand that will clean our bedroom, the biggest source of scary household nightmares right now. (Whoops lost desire to write momentarily as Mandie just snuggled in even closer) Since returning from vacation, I've been so overwhelmed at work that by the time I get home, I barely have the energy to turn the key in the lock; therefore, all household chores have suffered. The girls haven't gotten nearly enough walks, meal planning has turned into meal stressing and I've come close to having to go to work naked on two separate occasions.

So here I sit and I realize that I'm too old for this type of avoidance behavior but hey, at least I'm not sitting here at 10 am with a Jack and Coke right?