Parts of the Whole

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Help! I've mutated into a slug and I can't get up!

This has been the least productive Sunday in the history of productive Sundays. I have yet to make my grocery shopping list, let alone make it to the grocery store (and I'm sooooo hungry). One load of laundry did get done but only because polite society frowns upon you going places without a shirt.

I'd like to blame today's undomestic behavior on the fact that I have tomorrow off of work. Husband does not, so I will be spending the day trying to find something to do to occupy my time. If I clean the shower today, what will I clean tomorrow?? You see my dilemma.

The other part of the problem is that I have a serious need for some Puerto Rican food. If I don't get some rice and beans soon, I will most likely leave my husband for a taco truck driver (I will not be doing this as I have an aversion to mobile food and tacos are not Puerto Rican cuisine). This hankering I have for some food from my father's native land is probably worsened by the knowledge that I could probably be making it for myself now had I paid more attention when the adults in my life were preparing it. Instead, I was ensconced in front of Sabado Gigante with my grandfather, who was just waiting for the chance to put on a John Wayne western.

So now I must email my mother for the recipe because naturally the recipes online are all wrong. I never remember anyone from my family putting 53 spices into a dish that is essentially made up of two. We never even owned 53 spices! I can't even name 15!

Anyway, now I have to email mom for the rice and beans recipe, then send her a text message to let her know I emailed her and wait for her text message to let me know that she replied to my email. Technology: bringing families closer together by giving them way too much access to each other.