Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ode to Crockpots

I love my slow cooker. Like, love it. Would take it to bed at night and let it take Mandie's spot if I could love it. And this is why:

1) Little to no prep work. The most I've had to do is brown some ground beef, chop some onions, open a few cans. Perfect for someone who wants to spend as much time in bed as possible.

2) Doesn't require me to be a "helicopter cook." I hate when I turn my back for two seconds and all of a sudden my water/milk/butter mixture for Pasta Roni is all over my burner (this happens to me a lot, why haven't I learned?!). My motto is "Stir occasionally (or not at all).

3) It's done when am I. When I get home at five, I have laundry to do, dogs to feed, walk, and adore, and a husband to feed. My crock pot ensures that I can do all of it (too bad it can't clean itself too) and write a blog or two about it.

Tonight's dinner was kind of a masterpiece. I made bbq shredded pork, my mom's potato salad and Pasta Roni (shut it). I was stuffed two bites into my sandwich. You have no idea how excited I am for leftovers on break tomorrow. And leftovers for lunch. And leftovers for afternoon break. And maybe again for Friday's break. Yeah I made a lot. Now to decide what for dinner tomorrow: Chicken OR Chicken??