Parts of the Whole

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Do you ever have one of those days where everything starts off so well and ends up with you on the couch letting your toddler watch the same episode of Barney that's been on repeat for the past two months? No, just me?

We rent and today I was waiting for the maintenance guy to show up and install a new bath surround. Our bathroom is original to the house and literally falling apart. When we first moved in, the Cable Guy was giving Monkey a bath and he put his hand on the wall to steady himself as he was looking down...and his hand went through the wall. The concrete board (??) was completely soaked and the tiles weren't being held on by anything. Now this house was probably built in the 1950's and was do for a remodel at least three decades ago, if not more. They repaired the hole created by my hulking husband but lo and behold, almost a year later, the bottom rows of tiles are starting to cave in. Since we also had to have the water heater replaced (so thankful at this point that we rent), they measured the tub area and purchased a surround.

Today the gentlemen showed up and began removing fixtures, only to discover TA DAH! more moisture that needs to be dried out. The fan currently running in my bathroom sounds like a Boeing 757 and will be turned off before I decide to fall asleep. On top of that, when they opened the surround, it was cracked. So no installation for us. Thank the good Lord in heaven that my parents live right around the corner (again, this is literal; I turn right at the stop sign and their apartment complex is a quarter-mile away) or we'd be one smelly bunch by next Wednesday. 

This was all after we got up this morning, ate a nutritious breakfast, did some laundry, got Monkey to put the iPad down with little torture screaming and was generally feeling pretty bad ass about myself. Thank you cosmos for reminding me that there wouldn't be any sunshine without some rain. You suck.

Little boy eating yogurt and playing on iPad

Ok, so maybe I had a little assistance a la iPad this morning but hey, I don't see you offering to lose sleep over diaper rashes and eat soggy toddler spit ridden Cheerios.

What was your last parenting win? What has you day drinking lately? Leave a comment below!