Parts of the Whole

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sugar is Sweet and So Are You

Today Monkey asked me to rock him to sleep. I'm pretty sure it was a stall tactic but I choose to believe he needed a little something extra tonight. He needed his momma to hold him and kiss his little nose and sing him songs in a low slightly out of tune key. True love is not caring what your mom sounds like when she sings and patting her on the arm encouragingly to keep going.

We don't usually rock our son to sleep. Not because we're trying to avoid bad habits or anything like but because we usually end up rocking ourselves to sleep and he stays wide awake. As Monkey gets older, though, whenever he offers up an opportunity to snuggle, I'm all in. Some day he will be a teenager sneaking snuggles with his sweetheart while I randomly pop into the room yelling "hand check!".

And that's life. Especially life as a mom. Every moment is bittersweet. I'm trying to focus more on the sweet than the bitter part because, honestly, it really is sweet. Watching my son develop his personality and his interests and seeing nature versus nurture happen right before my eyes. Even when I'm trying to remain cool while offering the fifteenth snack item in hopes of getting him to eat something, anything that he's asked for. 

Little boy standing on chair washing dishes
One of the sweeter moments. Such a good helper!