Parts of the Whole

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bueller? Bueller?

We must watch Dazed and Confused at least once a month. I still have not seen it from the beginning. I love seeing all the stars that were still practically babies. It's also really hard to watch without wanting to quote Empire Records. Oh Rory Cochrane, how you damn the man.

I also love how brutally mindless the movie is. Which is something I need after the past few months. From being forced to move, to landing a new job, Monkey turning one and everything in between, I'm exhausted. Every time I feel like I get ahead, I realize that I'm ahead of being further behind. How does that even happen? There are definitely moments when it feels like I'm standing and waving my arms frantically for help and everyone is just like "aw look at that cute garden gnome! wave to the cute garden gnome!". Yep I feel like a freaking lawn ornament. And about as useful as one.

One of the things I did recently was join a group of women who are goal oriented. Whether it's finding a way to become a stay at home mom or getting a promotion or paying off debt, it's all about having a plan. Sometimes, coming up with that plan is easier said than done. Is it possible to think about making a plan so much it actually happens? Yes, no, maybe so? Yeah I didn't think so. Crap. Well here's to thinking of ways to get my act together for 2015. PS Feel free to tell me what you plan on doing. Then be flattered when I steal your ideas. Be flattered.