Parts of the Whole

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stop and Go

Well I'm not even sure where to begin. Our scenery has completely changed. At the beginning of this month, we made the move from apartment to house. Still renting, but I enjoy that someone else is footing the bill to replace our exhaust fan and fix our kitchen light. The girls are enjoying have a yard and lots of square footage to sniff. Also, Melodie has become a fireplace whore. Husband is enjoying having a basement office (and let's not kid, so am I; anything to do with cable and been banned on the main floor). I'm not sure what I enjoy most, it's kind of a whole package thing for me.

We finished cleaning the apartment on Saturday (just the carpets, everything else was scrubbed to within an inch of it's life last Sunday). I have never been so happy to be done with a place. When we left our apartment in California, I was sad because we had such great experiences there. With the apartment here, I knew we should have run away screaming when the very first day we were there (less than 24 hours), we had water coming in through the bathroom ceiling fan.

Now, the girls can have crazy zoomies and I don't have to worry about the people underneath. Also, we have a real couch now and my back has never been more grateful.

Where does that leave me and the blog you ask? Why has it been so badly neglected that the number of cobwebs make it look like the Munsters moved in? Glad you asked.

Every since I started blogging, I've struggled with finding a balance between it and real life. I tend to have obsessive tendencies and miss out on things. In an attempt to maintain doing what I love (posting here) and doing what is necessary (apparently it's frowned up to let dogs walk themselves), I will only be posting once a week. My hope is that by only posting once a week, I will be able to produce quality work that someone would actually want to read.

I'm editing my post to add that while I feel like I completely personify The Undomestic Goddess, it drives me bananas that my name doesn't match my url. Since I have no desire to pay for a web address or switch platforms to find one that will allow me to be the Undomestic Goddess, I've decided to create a huge headache for myself and match everything to be Domestically Challenged Grrl. Oh what fresh hell I've stepped in.

So, here's to the new year and whatever it may bring (as long as it's alcohol)!