Parts of the Whole

Saturday, January 7, 2012

**Crazy Cooking Challenge!!** Some things go together like chicken and noodles...

My very first attempt at homemade chicken noodle soup
 I did it! I finished way before the deadline! The task handed down to us this month by Tina at Mom's Crazy Cooking was find and make a chicken noodle soup recipe. I totally owned this one. After consulting my Chicken Noodle Soup board on Pinterest (feel free to check it out here), I chose to make the recipe that Laura from Real Mom Kitchen posted. Now Husband is always raving about the chicken noodle soup his granny makes and let's face it, I've barely scratched the surface of what I can cook. I will say that this was edible and passed the seconds test (as in Mr. Ridiculously Picky had seconds).

I just love how pretty all the veggies look and how not pretty my pot looks (it's clean I promise, just well loved).

Now this particular recipe calls for the inclusion of chicken gravy, which I have never used before, but thickens the soup up just enough to make it hearty.

So there it is. This recipe was exactly as the name suggested, easy, especially when using rotisserie chicken. And with the cute bow tie pasta, I made it my own. Make sure to take a moment at check out Real Mom Kitchen and the other fantastic recipes listed there. Oh and don't forget to vote!

PS Voting this month is a little different. Voting will be done simply by clicking on the recipe below in the linky party; so if you found this post via Facebook or a reader and would like for your visit to count, please take a moment and click on my link. Thank you!