Parts of the Whole

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please don't go!

Holy crap, where have I been? Just realized that I haven't written a post in weeks, which in blog time is an eternity. In my defense, I have no good excuse, except that we are moving. To Oregon!! Husband's job is transferring us to the Oregon Coast, so I've gone from happy neat untidyness to full blown moving chaos. You know what I'm talking about. Boxes everywhere, realizations that you can't find a spoon to eat the applesauce you don't plan on taking with you because you packed all your silverware, trepidation about where you're going to put all your crap, do you need to keep all this crap and several trips to the dumpster when you indeed come to your senses and decide that, no, indeed you do not need to keep the rusted muffin tins your mother gave you (you also begin to realize the only reason you got them was because SHE was moving and getting rid of crap; essentially you became a trash receptacle).

So just in case you were wondering if I'd given up on yet another half assed endeavor (aka this blog), the answer is a big fat NO! Just preoccupied that's all.