Parts of the Whole

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way (But A Lot Makes You A Nerd)

For those of you who have the unfortunate luck of not being a bosom friend (flash backs to 6th grade English and Anne of Avonlea), you should know I tend toward tenacious tendencies. Tenacity to the point of being a bit of a female bulldog (side note: Margaret Thatcher is one of my mom's favorite leading ladies and thinks I'm a lot like her; cheers momma!). For those of you who do know me, you're shaking your heads and returning to your game of Blast Pop or Brick Thumper or whatever it is you (un)cool people play on Facebook.

I recently decided that I would like to be shape other than oval and started running and crosstraining. Not new, uh news. Not new news. (I should have my literary license revoked) However, I don't just happen to build up my interest in exercise gradually, oh no, not this undomestic girl with WAYYYYYY too much time on her hands. No, by this stage in the game, I can tell you how many calories are in 89 grams of baby carrots (30), how you can track your position while running (honey, I know you bought my an iPod shuffle and it's pink and I love it but don't you want to buy me a Garmin watch so that I can know where I am when I drop dead from running in the Redding heat?? Don't ya??) and why Jillian Michaels is a beast (no G-rated words to describe at this time).

I've been to running websites, running stores and have even started to read running books (well I've looked at them but haven't actually put them on my Kindle yet. Baby steps). And this was all within the first week. I should probably be embarrassed...but I'm not. You would think that my sudden and intense interest in a physical pursuit that didn't involve Husband would have him alarmed. You would be wrong; you see, Husband didn't even bat an eye. This is his norm. When we first got married, it was culinary cooking (now it's just edible cooking). Then he brought home Mandie, my first dog ever, and I maybe (totally did) memorize everything on the internet pertaining to canines (side note: this really wasn't that difficult because this just so happens to be a resurrection of my previous dog obsession which had me reading EVERY book in the Charleston, West Virginia public library pertaining to them from the 1st to 4th gradea). After Mandie, I think I may have relaxed a little, but once we got Melodie and her stomach issues, I began to research raw feeding and fed my girls the way I thought nature intended. I research everything to death, from dog food (we're a grain free, kibble fed family for now) to my Kindle (no nasty finger prints on my screen please). My mind is a giant black hole of useless knowledge, only beneficial when Binky wants to know what the active ingredient in deodorant is (aluminum).

As useless as the stuff I know is, I firmly believe knowledge is power (and sexy. School girl outfit anyone?). What I have a hard time figuring out, is how people have the knowledge about something but then go and do something completely contrary to what they know. I think I ingrain so much of what I know into what I believe, that it's hard for me to separate the two and I just thought it was that way for everyone. Alas, that is not the case and until more people stop being so completely lazy about using that (waste of) space between their ears, I will gladly exercise (pun totally intended) my right to learn and educate myself in whatever capacity I choose.