Parts of the Whole

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great (and Realistic) Expectations

I'm attempting to write this post with both girls between my legs napping. It's POURING down something that resembles hail. I had to turn my heater on. IN MAY. What the deuce?

I did, however, make it to the theater with my favorite coworker and her husband to see "Something Borrowed." Such a cute movie with some hysterical laugh out loud parts (John Krasinski is absolutely perfect and totally steals the show). It was about halfway thru that I realized the movie was based on a book that I was familiar with but haven't read. May have to mosey on over to Amazon to see if I can find it for my Kindle.

It was a chick flick and while sitting in the theater feeling my heart swell with hope and a lump in my throat when the hope was dashed, I realized how much my own marriage has shaped the way I think about other relationships, even fictional ones. On Tuesday, Husband and I will have two years of marriage under our belts. After the first six months of unrealistic expectations (who knew he didn't want to snuggle up on the couch after a ten hour day in 110 degree heat and watch "Singing in the Rain"??) and tears (to this day I haven't attempted fried potatoes again), we finally got into our flow. He doesn't expect me to do his laundry and I don't expect him to clean the hamster's cage. We do expect honesty (although I have to say I love him a little more when he eats something that has turned out badly) and forgiveness.

We trade off taking the girls out to go potty and I can't tell you how mushy my insides were the day I came home and Husband had washed all the blankets in the apartment and had wrapped Mandie up like a burrito in one while it was still warm. Biggest turn on EVER. There are those moments where I have wanted to stick his head in the oven and where I grate on his nerves. Thankfully, they are getting fewer and further between. We're not always madly deeply professing our love to each other, but I can safely say I have never felt unloved. We're not that couple who kiss and hold hands in public, but he never begrudges me a picture and shares his pop with me in the mall. His new favorite shirt says "Save a Life, Grope Your Wife" (mine has a garden gnome on the front and says "Hanging with my gnomies"; just saying...). As our time apart winds down, I'm looking forward to his killer scrambled eggs and sleeping with our legs tangled together again. Oh and sex (yeah I said it and look, I wasn't struck by lightning).

So happy anniversary Husband; I couldn't have done it without you.

Burrito a la Mandie