Parts of the Whole

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! (now take my Christmas joy and go!)

So the holidays are over and I'm thrilled. I find people's crazy crankiness exhausting and I personally am ready to go back to just ordinary crankiness. Perhaps with a stiff drink in hand.

Well, it's resolution time and the UDG is not above making promises I don't intend to keep. There are actually quite a few but here are the top few:

1) Be organized. Not become more organized but be organized period. This would include doing the mountain of laundry that has been accumulating in my basket that I can have more than 5 shirts to wear a week.

Huh, I guess that was all. Everything kind of hangs on the big 'O.' And I just remembered I was supposed to finish meal planning for the rest of the month today. Haven't even finished the 1st Monday of the new year and I'm already behind. Fabulous.